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Elusive is a challenging 2D free-for-all platformer racing game developed by a group of students over the academic spring-summer term of 2021.

Being a racing game at its heart, it can be played against realistic AI racers or other real life players, all interacting on the same map simultaneously to reach the end goal first, while having to avoid a wide variety of enemies, the other players’ power-ups, and an ever-approaching Wall of Death that permanently kills a player upon contact.

The game can also be played in single-player mode, allowing the player to focus on their own skills without the pressure of having to race against other players. Indeed, the enemies have been designed to be engaging to avoid and rather difficult to pass, roughly increasing in difficulty as the player progresses through the game, so single-player becomes a thrilling challenge in itself.

The game features several elements of randomness, whether in the randomly-generated level orders, the random movements of mobs like the chickens, or the random power-ups that a player receives upon contact with a chest, such that each round of gameplay is unique and consistently exciting.

The challenging nature of the game inspires the player to keep practising and improving their abilities to avoid enemies and the knowledge of the maps.


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cool game!
I can see that a lot of effort went into this because there are tons of features!
What I would improve tho are the following:(if you want to improve it)
- Jumping is very important, maybe let the player deceide how high they want to jump the longer they hold the jump button.
-Game is very difficult even on medium I couldn't get far after multiple attempts.
- Overall looks and gamefeel, sound effects etc
- Maybe some info on the items on the UI

I can imagine players having fun with the multiplayer, sadly I only tried solo and the game freezes when I die